Robert S. Jones Trophy

A perpetual trophy donated in 1967 by Robert S. Jones for the winner of a race run sometime during the Memorial Day weekend. The race may be part of the Season Championship Series, and if so, will be so described in the Race Schedule.

Ayers Trophy

A perpetual trophy donated by Alice Ayers in 1974 to be awarded to the boat having the best record for all races conducted in the month of June, including tune-up and Season Championship Races.

Season Championship Trophies

A perpetual trophy, an Ensign half hull model, acquired by the Fleet in 1973 awarded each year to the Fleet Champion for the season. In addition, keeper trophies are awarded to the Fleet Champion and to the second and third place finishers.

Early& Late Series Trophies

The races for the season are divided into two Series - the Early and the Late Series. A keeper prize is given for first place in each Series. There is no provision in the schedule for make up of canceled races, therefore any cancellation could alter the basis on which the Early and Late Series will be calculated. Scoring is based on the Cox/Sprague system, see Fleet 34 Rule #12. There are no throw-outs for the Early and Late Series, but there are throw-outs for the Season Championship, see Fleet 34 Rule #14.

Bill Jones "Around the Island Race" Trophy

A perpetual trophy donated in 1970 by Bill Jones is awarded to the winner of the race around Fishers Island (or in Fishers Island Sound if the weather is bad). This race is run in mid-September. The winner of this race is also responsible for running the race and hosting the post race party the following year.

Allen B. Smith Trophy

A trophy, donated by Al's daughter Priscilla in 1981, is awarded only when appropriate for outstanding sportsmanship. Written nominations from the fleet members should be submitted to the Commodore before Labor Day for Consideration by the Fleet Officers, who are responsible for awarding this trophy.

Bill Leuze Memorial Trophy

A perpetual trophy donated to the Fleet in 1982 by Carolyn Leuze after the Fleet decided to honor Bill Leuze and perpetuate the spirit in which he raced his Ensign, YANKEE, #51, in Fleet 34 competition. A keeper trophy is also awarded. Scoring for this trophy is based on the Monthly Averaged Performance (MVP) of the boat, see Fleet 34 Rule #15.

Kyle Sheets Outstanding Crew Award

The Kyle Sheets Outstanding Crew Award is a perpetual trophy donated by his father Russ Sheets in 2009 and awarded to a special crewmember who has demonstrated years of exceptional participation, reliability and enthusiasm to Ensign racing. Nominees should be presented to Fleet 34 officers and be considered each year thereafter.